What to do for your next corporate video

What to do for your next corporate video

Ideas for your next Corporate Video

With the continued rise and strength of Web Video, companies are trying to figure out how to get away from the standard corporate video and to a Corporate Video that will engage your audience whilst telling them what you want to.  We have compiled a list of a few ideas that take an alternative approach to the standard corporate video.

  1. The Why we love our Job Corporate video

This one is great when trying to showcase your employees and your culture, it takes one on one unscripted interviews with employees and try to get them to talk about specifics of their job and why they like doing it.

  1. Day in the Life Corporate Video

A great opportunity to show the clients how you work to deliver a product or service in a timely manner.  Make Sure you pick an interesting employee and have them narrate it all even starting the video production at their home.

  1. “Tell Me about your Job” Corporate video

This is fairly similar to the above style but takes more of a direct approach and forms more of an interview style. It can be used as both a recruitment style video ans well as a promotional tool to showcase your star employee(s)

  1. The Project Video – Before and After

This is a great tool to track a projects lifecycle. At the start of a project, shoot a video of what everyone’s hopes are for the success of the project and what challenges they have coming ahead. Upon conclusion of the project ask them the same questions. Did it turn out the way they expected? What were some of the unexpected surprises along the way? 4

  1. Inappropriate uses Web Video

If you have a product that has a standard use and you are looking for a way to make it stand out from all the other videos out there why not try showing bad uses for your product as either a leader or the whole web video.  It is guaranteed to engage and could even become viral.

These are just a few of the ideas that can help your corporate video stand out from the crowd – use one or use them all, talk to the team at Blue Shadow Group today

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