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Fixed Price quote vs per hour rate

So which is better when selecting a contractor for your next video production be it in Brisbane, on the Gold Coast or anywhere Australia wide. Both have their benefits and their disadvantages. So let's look at a few and make you decision easier

Fixed price contracts for video production are great if you want to know exactly how much it costs upfront. However you need to ensure you know what you want to achieve and that all the inclusions are in the contract. more importantly understand what you get as part of the contract, Do you get the opportunity to make unlimited changes or are there limits to the number of times changes can be made, if not and you exceed the contract limitations it can start to get expensive and your budgets can easily go out the window to achieve what you want.

One of the most important considerations in my experience is that you need to understand what you want and clearly explain that using samples videos, brief sheets etc, as this will help achieve a more accurate fixed price quote for your video production.

Per Hour Rate for video production are best suited to smaller jobs where there may not be a lot of work required. This is also best if you have a relationship with your video production company as there is a definite element of trust. This payment method is great when you are organised and can do the bulk of the preparation for your video production yourself (as you can select the shots saving a lot of time) making it more cost effective.

So, chat to us today when looking to start your next video production with us and let us help you decide what will be the best cost effective option.

Posted By blue-shadow on Monday 7th January 2019 @ 13:14:31

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