Social Media and Lasers for your next Event

Social Media and Lasers for your next Event

With the ongoing battle for your audiences attention and patronage at your upcoming events here are a few ways to help make your event stand out and get the sales you want.

Social Integration

Social Media is a fast paced and exciting area when it comes to conferencing and events. The majority of your attendees come for the information and the networking opportunities. Social Media can support both of these needs before, during and after the event.

Before the corporate event starts it is a great idea to use Facebook and Twitter to start the conversations and drum up the excitement about the event and its topics. You can even use the conversation to develop your program and direct panel sessions during the event.

During the event the conversation can flow on these platforms, provide internet at the venue and encourage participants to answer questions or promote topics through the social platforms. you can display these feeds on the big screens at appropriate times to show everyone where the conversation is heading.

The Use of QR Codes helps to make it easy for people to join the conversation and access internet feeds  Or you can even get the audience involved in taking your photos of the event and by using instagram collate them for everyone to see on the big screen.

The best thing about all these tools – they are free to low cost to set up, meaning added value to your delegate at almost no cost to your event.

Here are just a few social tips for your next corporate event

  • Create Hash Tags that people can follow
  • Create a Facebook page people can join
  • Use twitter to pose questions
  • Use Google Forms or similar to gauge feedback
  • Create live polls for keynote or Panel sessions
  • QR codes so delegates can easily scan and access programs or Wifi
  • Instagram Feeds of delegates photos

Blue Shadow Group has the team and skills to make any or all of these ideas reality, feel free to chat to the team today to see what social tools could work for your event.


Well we are not talking about the high powered lasers that can cut through steel like the movies, what we have skilled into our arsenal of tools is a simple yet effective laser solution that will compliment any event theming. Blue Shadow Group have developed, with specialized technicians, a complete laser package that can take any event theming from ordinary to extraordinary.

Lasers are are great solution to have when it comes to your event audio visual requirements. They allow you to create movement, energy and atmosphere  in any room be it indoor our outdoor. Check out some of our laser events and then have a chat to the team to see how it can work for your event.

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