The Difference between an ordinary and extraordinary event

The Difference between an ordinary and extraordinary event

 With most things in life the difference between good and awesome comes down to planning. This is no different when looking at corporate events. So how do you know that what you are planning including event hire and video production are going to deliver and meet your planning needs to create an outstanding event?

The team at Blue Shadow Group believe that everything comes down to clever planning, utelising the most up-to-date audio visual technology to give your event the most proffessional touch. It is with this in mind that we focus our total event solutions to ensure that your event, whether it be in Brisbane or beyond is a success.

When creating the perfect event it is not just about the event hire and food on the day but a whole experience that the attendee goes through before, during and after the event.

Before the event 

It is imperative to create "hype" and gain anticipation around the event itself. Those events that you can not wait for are the events that you want to attend and participate in the most.

 It all comes down to the art of marketing your event. Apple is one such expert in the art of anticipation for its events. Apple's clever marketing gives just enough away to make the excitement buzz, those "accidiental" leaks before the event through to social media channels and its own networks that when its time for a product launch the excitement has been created and people line up for days to get the latest Apple product.

Then it's planning that comes next.  Blue Shadow Group have a team of Event Managers that understand the planning process that needs to be implemented to ensure that the event meets the required expectation, event goals and most importantly budget.

We know what is the right event equipement and audio visual that are required to create that WOW factor for your event. We pride ourselves on delivering your message and your brand to your attendees throughout the event through audio visual production and theming. Apart from knowing how to deliver a fantastic event by checking all those planning check boxes off and meeting the client's needs we know how to make sure all the elements work towards creating the emotion that you want at your event, and thus creating a successful corporate event.

During the event

 By using the wrong format, this can take your event from being extraordinary to just an event. Emotion creates an extraordinary corporate event. By simply using the right lighting and music this can create the emotion that is required to keep your audience engaged from the start. 

So what advice can we deliver to help keep the energy high and the emotions running in the right direction?

1. Keep the flow tight and rolling, avoid periods of nothing or waiting – This will deflate emotion and create boredom.

2. Keep the energy high – Use your audio visual elements to create a buzz in the room, music energetic, lights bright and inviting which will then create the atmosphere of high energy and build your attendees emotion.

3. Use event theming to create atmosphere - How much do you love walking into a room that just says WOW! From simple staging backdrops with branding or blinging it up with table centrepieces for themed gala dinners Blue Shadow know how to bring the WOW to any event. 

4. Keep your message exciting and keep the surprises coming.  There will always be speakers that are not so great. Some can be absolutely boring BUT there is a way to keep your audience engaged. Its called the "sandwich effect". Have a great speaker to begin with then the not so great speaker followed by another great speaker. Great,not so great, then great = sandwich. Also keeping the content relevant, any powerpoints need to be a large font so the people down the back can see and add in the good old Q&A so that attendees can ask questions.

Oh and I almost forgot!! The right airconditioning temperature - Ever wondered why you are so cold sitting in a conference?? That's right to keep you awake! In all seriousness air conditioning is a make or break factor for an event. Too hot and everyone is uncomfortable and suddenly you have lost their attention. Too cold, attendees can always rug up if they are cold and it tends to keep the audience awake. 

Post event

In a connected world the use of social media to keep the excitement and engagement going post event is utmost important. By posting event photos along with links to speaker content, event highlight video clips and the use of feedback tools such as post event surveys to gather feedback to ensure the next event is even better! These are important tools to keep attendee engaged, the excitment post event going and also updating attendees on the next exciting event. 

In a constantly changing events market whether its in Brisbane, the Gold Coast or beyond there is one thing that remains a constant; the need to get the right emotion from your attendees so that they enjoy the event and will look forward to an even better event next time!

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